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About Us

From the year 1996, when the commencement of Samip Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was placed, the firm is running its manufacturing, exporting and supplying dyes with business leading prominence. The basis of our success is the extensive range of high-grade elements that we acquire, combining

  • Acid Orange II-7
  • Acid Metanil Yellow-36
  • Acid Fast Red A-88
  • Acid Scarlet 3R-18
  • Direct Viscose Orange
  • Direct Red -12 B
  • Direct Orange S/E
  • Direct Bordex B/W (N.B)
  • Direct Brown M/R (N.B)
  • Direct Congo Red (N.B)
  • Direct Orange G/R (N.B)
  • Direct Orange TGLL

Our esteemed consumers recognize the quality in our dyes, simultaneously with its pure composition, and possibly our ethical business skills. We take contentment in promoting the extension and prosperity of our brand, which furnishes us to make our company's perception a substance of pioneering the dyes industry. In the business of Colours, our prime objective is to leave a lasting impression of our quality in the minds of our esteemed clientele.

Our belief in continuous research and development to upgrade Industrial Dyes, innovate new and better solutions for our clients. With the assistance of our R & D wing and implementing our experience in stone processing industry has enabled us to offer perfectly customized solutions for highly specific needs. Our ability to properly understand the requirements of clients helps us in customizing our products with complete perfection. Studying the applications of our products like Natural Dyes, Industrial Dyes, Organic Dyes, etc helps us in expanding our product array in a more refined manner as per their industrial uses. Further, our flexible manufacturing process helps us in diversifying our product array.

Mr. Umesh Patel, our mentor is one of the several minds that we have accomplished technical perfection. He is an ambitious manufacturer with the rich expertise of chemical engineering and a sound experience of the marketplace. His dedication in bringing benefit to the company is displayed in the productivity and effectiveness of every team member.

Corporate Mission

To be one of the premier provider of high quality Dyes & Dye Intermediates with international Standards and quality that would enable our customers to improve their global competitiveness.

Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision is to embrace a new paradigm of technological advancement that enable us:
To identify potential customers and their requirements.
To provide premium customer service across the world.
To assess customer values.
To offer a wide range of products and services to our existing and future customers through an open door policy.


To provide prompt, efficient and personalised service & support customers.

Our Team

The largest asset in our business is our personages; they are at the heart of our success. Our team of extremely trained members derives us administration, sustaining growth and further, an esteemed reputationamong a broad number of clients. We have deeply trained product development engineers, enterprise operations managers, quality control officers and a profoundly expert team of professionals that are responsible for the sales and marketing functions.

Why Us?

We are at the stable point in the industry where we earn the trust of our clients??? and present them a competing advantage by giving them quality at reasonable prices. Our strategy of finding progressive waysto address the continually changing customer needs addressed us as the most enduring and favored option. Our powerful connections with our clients are all due to our expertise in the industry.


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